Monday, March 20, 2006

Democracy in action

Newtown Residents' Association ( March 2006)

Newtown Residents' Association
embraces Peak Oil.

At a meeting of the Newtown Residents'
Association on March 20th 2006 , the Association
faced down the important issue of Peak Oil.

Committee member Nick Jennings wondered
how the Wellington City Council could produce
a Draft Long Term Council Community Plan
without embracing the serious issue of Peak Oil.

The Committee, chaired by the competent Tom Law,
resolved to ask the Federation of Residents and
Progressive Associations
to hold a public meeting to
discuss the DLTCCP in relation to the problem of
Peak Oil and the provision of water as a fundamental
human right.

The Newtown Residents Association has a long history
of commitment to social justice. Last night Nick Jennings also
raised the issue of the unacceptable divide between rich and poor
that must be addressed.

Now the southern ward's Newtown community looks like
being the first to embrace Peak Oil.

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