Thursday, April 06, 2006

Modern rail system needed instead of Transmission Gully

Modern rail system needed in preference to
facilitating further motorway madness!
Option 3 is the way to go

Recently I said at a Council meeting that it was predictable to see that the Wellington City Council has learnt nothing from the recent petrol price rises. We are in a culture of denial, starting with our political leaders. At a time when the world is being warned that the age of cheap energy is over we should be looking for the most efficient way to move people. While climate change was now on the radar of most people, oil companies continued to send mixed messages. The public can't really be blamed for clinging to the transport of last century but there was no excuse for the educators and leaders who had been given the facts.

No responsible government should, or in reality could, allow the wasteful use of a scarce resource (oil ). With many people continuing to commute one person per car, some hard medicine is required. That could take the form of positive discouragement, as is the case in most enlightened countries. Neither Transmission Gully nor the Costal Option should be a consideration in this new century. Fuel price is now dictating Option 3 as the way to the security of our future. The most attractive cities in the world are now ones with fewer cars and carless centres, they are good cities to live and work in.

Bryan Pepperell
Wellington City Council


Blogger Peter Sharpe said...

Yes Bryan,
I agree whole-heartedly.
What sort of mess are we handing our Grandchildren?!
This is where the public ARE too stupid to take the initiative, so legislation appears the only answer.
Firstly, BAN all imports of non-commercial diesel vehicles, impose a 'Carbon Tax' as part of the registration of all other non-commercial diesels left on the road.
In short make it very unattractive to run the damned things!
Secondly, introduce a sliding 'Carbon Tax' on all the other non-commercial petrol vehicles, based on their quoted KPL (Kms/Litre) figures.

Let's use the wasted land around suburban railway stations as vehicle parking and introduce a substantial toll on all non-commercial vehicles entering the CBD in all major cities - Wellington and Auckland in particular.
Both these cities have existing rail systems.
Let's MAKE people use them!
This way, we'll have full trains during peak times and no-doubt more of them.
Obviously this would take some of the Rates burden away from ordinary homeowners, as more people using the system would mean it could start operating more efficiently.
Then we need to look at Trolley Buses in particular and Buses in general....
Wellington has one of (if not THE best) bus service operating anywhere.
How many commuters know it can cost as little as 80 cents - Adult Fare - to travel from Wellington Station to Courtenay place?
On top of this, by riding a Trolley Bus, one is travelling using renewable energy - not a Hyrocarbon in sight!
It always amazes me when the Mr. & Mrs. Selfishly-Stupid'(they usually have hyphenated names...) whinge about how unsightly the Trolley Wires are... not anywhere near as unsightly as Granny & Grandad prematurely dead from emphysema, brought on by exhaust fumes!
Instead of dispensing with the Trolleys, we need more!
The electric motor is still the most efficient in the World. Instant torque, with NO POLLUTION!!

So, until some of the above have been addressed, the Brick Wall we all hammer our heads against will hold.
One would like to think our 'fine, forward-thinking' City Council would take the initiative and ban non-commercial vehicles from the CBD.... but no... most Councillors seem hell-bent on shoving a Motorway extension (saving 1.5 minutes in peak hour traffic) through what was a part of Wellington's Heritage.
Interested in Wellington's future?
They can't see beyond their next photo-opportunity!
Thank heavens one or two of you aren't just there to feather your own nests and take your charge responsibly.
Thanks Pepp!

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