Monday, April 24, 2006

Requiem for Ilott Green

Last week Council voted to extend the agreement
with the School of Music to replace this lovely
green space with a building development.
The extension was voted against by Crs Jack Ruben
and Bryan Pepperell who firmly believe it should
be retained as green space and not become part of
the built environment.

Cr Bryan Pepperell reminded the Council of how
he stood beside Jack Ilot on the day Mr Ilot was taken
in a wheelchair and shown the space that would be
named after him. Cr Pepperell was accompanied by
Cr Mary Varnham who later campaigned with
Pepperell to retain the Green as open green space.
Councillor David Zwartz campaigned with Cr Pepperell for
the Green's retention in his time on Council.

Cr Ruben has opposed the development since his
election to Council.

We at Pepptalk wonder where the other
Green councillors are.

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Blogger pepptalk said...

From: Athol Swann []
Sent: Tuesday, 25 April 2006 3:04 p.m.
To: Bryan Pepperell
Subject: Your Blog


I am still having trouble replying to your Blog but thought the latest edition excellent.

Would like to remind The Chair for Culture (Mr Mercer, the latest APW paper said it all with the colour picture with Kp"s arm around him!)..... that he originally supported the JIG....he actually was one of the guest speakers at the Civic Trust seminar held on this subject.......I am sure Helene would hav e voted with you but where was Stephanie.....still away?

Great to see Gaylene Preston....certainly one of NZ"s treasures.......

Happy for you to transfer to your "blog" replies.


8:25 PM  
Blogger Peter Sharpe said...

Yes Pepp,
Yet another 180 degree turn by so-called 'Green' Councillors...
The fact is, green spaces around Wellington are becoming more & more threatened.
I'm sad to see Ilot Green under threat - not surprised, given the 'cartel' of Councillors hell-bent on commercialism & feathering their own nests.
The other prominent green space due for 'development'is the park where the old courthouses were on Lambton Quay.
Dammit...!! Do we REALLY NEED these 'developments', reminiscent of the wholesale destruction of Wellington during the 70s & 80s?
My contempt for those on Council who have mis-represented themselves to the poor people hood-winked into voting for them is total.
Ritual hugging and congratulatory smiles all round for those continuing to rape the future seems to be the order of the day.
I wonder if anyone has asked them just who they think they represent.
More and more the answer is "Me! To hell with the rest of you!!"

2:02 AM  

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